To who it my concern: I have known Lise for fifteen years and she has done a spectacular job at a number of painting contracts in my home as well as the Golden Manor. Lise is very organized and very clean. I would highly recommend her for any painting jobs in your home or business and her prices are very reasonable.
-Heather Bozzer

I highly recommend Home Sweet Home painting and Lise Tremblay. I have used her services and was very satisfied with the quality of her work. She is reliable, fast, and a very clean painter. More importantly, she is very trustworthy to leave in your home to the work required. I have recommended her to family and friends, who have also been very satisfied with her work.

 -Gwen Monette

Several years ago, a co-worker recommended ‘Home Sweet Home’ painting to us. We met with Lise and hired her to paint the interior of our home.  We couldn’t have been more happy with her work. She quoted a very reasonable price, did the job in good time, and left our home looking lovely.  A few years later, we hired ‘Home Sweet Home’ once again and Lise freshened up our rooms with new colour. She does a great job, offers helpful suggestions, and is very pleasant to work with. And we have just hired her for a third go ’round!
-James and Beverly Carr-Lawton
Lise came very highly recommended by 3 previous customers that I knew.  I hired her to paint my whole house while I was out of town.  I am very happy with her great work, very clean job.
 -Gertie Anderson
I am so happy with the amazing paint job that Lise did in my house! Great quality and speed with no taping! The painting looks absolutely professionally done! I would recommend Home Sweet Home Painting to anyone wanting painting done in their home! Thank you Lise!
-Lynn Rizzuto

Lise Tremblay has painted the interior of our home for over 15 years. Our home has rounded corners and she interchanges different colours very precisely. Lise is a quick and clean painter. I’ve always been pleased with her work and I would recommend her services to anyone requiring painting.

-Cheryl Monahan

Vu la nature de notre travail, lorsque nous faisons appel à des entrepreneurs de notre communauté pour un service d’entretien ou de réparation, nous exigeons de leur part discrétion, professionnalisme et fiabilité. Le CPF a retenu les services du peintre Madame Tremblay à deux reprises, et ce, dans nos deux sites de travail. Nous avons toujours été très impressionnées par la rapidité avec laquelle Madame Tremblay a complété son travail ainsi que la qualité de son ouvrage. La présence de Madame Tremblay n’a occasionné aucune interruption de nos services et sa discrétion dans la présence de nos usagères de service a toujours été très appréciée.
-Julie Béchard

I asked her for a quote on some jobs I needed to get done, she was very efficient, on time and professional.  There was no wait time for the quote, it was on the spot.  I really enjoy having Lise as my painter, she gives her opinion as she does this “a lot” lol she seems to know what she’s doing.  I came home from work and BAM, job completed and it was nothing but perfect!  No mess, no drips, I mean it was perfect.  Her attitude is very uplifting and she is very polite, respectful and clean.  Lise has done a few jobs for me over the years and in a heart beat, she will do more.

I recommend Lise 500% you definitely will NOT be let down.  Very fair with her pricing and her timing is also amazing.  Thanks Lise

-Patsy Desormeaux

I would recommend Lise to do your painting. I have used her services multiple times… she produces fast, quality work, and has a good eye for colour.
-Lydia Dubanow

Lise has been my painter for 15+ years. Friendly, professional, impeccable and quick work. I have used Lise multiple times and would highly recommend her to anyone. I will continue to use her in the future. She was great inside and outside the home.

-Natasha Therrien

Lise is very professional in her way of painting.  Her methodology and her precision in painting of the crown moulding, chair rails and baseboards at my home was exceptional. Her colour schemes and  suggestions were very helpful.  Lise is a very professional and accomplished painter.  She is also very particular with her work.  She is fast, efficient, trustworthy and very clean. Lise also painted at the Golden Manor.  She is fast, clean and very precise. I would recommend Lise to anyone who needs professional services.

-M Hartling